What is

Fortune Machine

is a Smartphone App that provides user Staking and mining facilities.

In return, users get rewards that can be cashed accordingly.


Sign Up via a Referral by

Registering for a New Account
  • A referral code is required to sign up via referral

  • A referral code will be provided by your direct associate

  • Copy iFortune BEP-20 address from the fortune machine app and paste that address on iFortuneX Exchange to send the coins and check the iFortune coins on the app.

  • Once confirmed coins will be deposited in your stake wallet


How to Stake and Mine iFortune?

Download the App from Play Store or from the official Website


Add iFortune Coin and Stake

Press power button daily to avoid losing rewards


Staking & Minting Rewards

  • Staked Coins
    Current Price
    Value (USD)
  • Total Staking
    100 IFC
  • Total Earning
    100 IFC * 2.5x = 250 IFC x $10= $2500
  • Re-staking or buying of the new coins will be required after that when you have earned 2.5X IFC of staked coins in Reward Wallet to keep your ID active.
  • Once you have earned 2.5x IFC of staked coins then your staked coins will be zero.
  • Activation Time is 1 Month from the day when you have earned 2.5X income.

Level Bonus Rewards

Invite others to become iFORTUNE Stakeholders & earn more.

Teams are rewarded as they grow within each Income level as is shown in the table below:

Level-1 16%
Level-2 10%
Level-3 4%
Level-4 2%
Level-5 1.5%
Level-6-10 1%
Level-11-13 0.5%
Level-14 2%
Level-15 3%

15 Income Levels = 45%

Associates Required to Qualify in Each Level

Min Ten Associates required To qualify for all the 15 levels
associates image


Coin Day
10 1 Coin/Per Day…
50 2 Coin/Per Day…
100 3 Coin/Per Day…
250 10 Coin/Per Day…
500 25 Coin/Per Day…
1000 50 Coin/Per Day…
3000 100 Coin/Per Day…